Evening Event: The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas Triple Act



8pm at the Dunmuir Hotel

NOW CANCELLED   - 12.03.16

The Beltane Public Engagement Network and Fair Pley have brought the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas to the Edinburgh Fringe since 2013. The Cabaret gives researchers and members of the public the chance to discuss and debate cutting-edge research in an informal, entertaining way. With the support of the Beltane Network and Fair Pley, Dunbar SciFest 2016 is delighted to welcome some of these thought-provoking shows as part of our Adult Programme of 5 evening events.
•   Dr Lewis Dean, a primatologist from the University of St Andrews, will put a chimp on trial! A court in America recently ruled that chimpanzees should be regarded as ‘persons’, giving them basic human rights. But with rights come responsibilities. Could a chimp ever be guilty of a human crime? 
•   Women – science isn’t for you! The UK desperately needs more scientists and engineers, yet highly qualified, talented and ambitious women are still deserting science & technology. What’s really going on? Could the answers be found in role models, mentors and male-support, or do women simply lack ability in science? Join Dr Clare Taylor, Edinburgh Napier University, to discuss what, if anything, we should do about it.
•   Feel like your brain is half-baked? Join Psychologist Dr Alan Gow, Heriot Watt University, in the Great British Brain Off, to consider the recipe for the perfect brain and what to do if you feel that your own grey matter needs some extra spice.